Basics for Project Directors

Activities & Responsibilities of Managing an Award  - (pdf)

Award Life Cycle

  1. Find Funding - Project Director and OSP
  2. Develop a Proposal - Project Director and OSP
  3. Receive the Award - OSP
  4. Post-Award Management - Project Director, OSP and SPA
  • Become familiar with the Direct Charging Policy for Federal Grant Awards as well as the particular regulations and guidelines from your specific granting agency.  If you have questions about compliance issues, please contact your Grants Administrator for more information. 

  • Spend your grant funds before the end of the grant. The beginning and ending dates of your grant are shown on the top right hand side of every financial report, and on the grant paperwork sent to you when the grant was first set up.

  • Use the correct accounting/purchasing form with the correct accounting information. Your grant number, cost center, and class are on the Notice of Award document which SPA sends to you when your grant is set up. The account codes assigned to your particular budget are also sent to you when the grant was set up - please keep these sheets for future reference.

  • Complete and file all non-financial reports in a timely manner. (Interim, technical, program, final etc.) SPA does not monitor these reports or their due dates.

  • Get any and everyone listed in your grant budget on and off the grant payroll in a timely manner. Payroll forms are available at: Human Resources Forms.

  • Make sure that anyone you are paying for services who is not on payroll (contractual services) has completed both an Independent Contractor's Certified Work Statement and a W9 IRS form. The accounting office will not process payment until these forms are on file in their office. (The forms are available from our office, or on the Accounting Office website at: Accounting Tax Forms and Procedures page.

  • If you are paying a person who is a nonresident alien, there are extra rules - check with SPA, the International Student Office, or the Accounting Office webpage before you complete the paperwork.