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After Admission

After you have been admitted to NIU as a degree-seeking graduate student, you must complete the following items to be enrolled.

Degree-Seeking Students

  • Accept your admission via the Student Center in MyNIU.
  • If you have been previously admitted as a student-at-large, write to to cancel your admission as a student-at-large effective the term of your admission as a degree-seeking student.
  • Contact your degree program office to confirm your intention to enroll.
  • Contact your degree program office to find out when you can schedule an advising appointment. At the appropriate time, the date on which you can start enrolling will be displayed in MyNIU.
  • The Graduate School does not recommend enrolling in classes prior to consultation with an advisor. 

You may also choose to take the following steps before arriving at NIU:

  • Apply for Federal Financial Aid (U.S. citizens only). Any degree-seeking students seeking financial support should review the Costs & Funding section of this website.
  • Find a place to live. NIU and the surrounding community offer a variety of housing options like on-campus residence halls and off-campus apartments and houses.
  • Begin assembling required immunization records. NIU's Health Services website has detailed immunization documentation instructions. 
  • Review your health insurance coverage. Students enrolled in 9 or more credit hours will be automatically billed and enrolled for the Student Health Insurance plan. Visit Student Health Insurance for detailed instructions and options for alternative insurance coverage. 

Students-at-large (Non-degree Students)

  • The Graduate School automatically accepts admission for students-at-large.
  • At the appropriate time (usually in March for summer and fall enrollment and usually in October for spring enrollment) the date on which you can start enrolling will be displayed in MyNIU.

Deferring Admission

If you need to defer your admission, you may do so for up to 12 months by completing the online Request for Deferral of Admission form.

International Students