Sustainable Transportation at NIU


At Northern Illinois University, we recognize that each transportation option has an associated environmental impact, and we can actively reduce these impacts by making better transportation choices.

Mobility is an important part of daily life. We travel to get to work and school, to visit friends, to shop, and to have fun.  The US Department of Transportation defines sustainability as "the integration of energy, environmental, economic and social considerations into the Department’s mission, programs and day-to-day operations."  Providing energy efficient alternatives to traditional transportation and encouraging the use of diverse modes of transport enable NIU to be a leader in sustainable transportation among higher education institutions.  

NIU "Green Fleet"

According to the Illinois Green Fleets website, Northern Illinois University has a total of 143 "green" vehicles.  These vehicles run full or partial alternative fuel sources.  According to the site, NIU has 80 E-85 Ethanol, 19 B20 Biodeisel, 5 CNG (Concentrated Natural Gas), and 39 hybrid vehicles.   Since its last update, the University has added several more alternative fuel vehicles including 3 all-electric trucks used by the Heating Plant and Building Services-Campus Recycling.  

In addition to our "green fleet", NIU offers an extensive public transportation system at little or no cost to students, faculty, staff, and the community.  Parking Services also offers a free bike rental program for students on campus.  Walking paths and sidewalks encourage walking and bicycle use, and there is also talk of adding bicycle lanes on the roads in Dekalb and on the NIU campus. Click on the Alternative Transportation link for more information about these programs.