Transportation - NIU - Green Team

Sustainable transportation at NIU

At Northern Illinois University, we recognize that each transportation option has an associated environmental impact, and we can actively reduce these impacts by making better transportation choices.

Providing energy efficient alternatives to traditional transportation and encouraging the use of diverse modes of transport enable NIU to be a leader in sustainable transportation among higher education institutions.  

NIU "Green Fleet"

According to the Illinois Green Fleets website, Northern Illinois University has a total of 143 "green" vehicles. These vehicles run full or partial alternative fuel sources. According to the site, NIU has 80 E-85 Ethanol, 19 B20 Biodeisel, 5 CNG (Concentrated Natural Gas), and 39 hybrid vehicles. Since its last update, the university has added several more alternative fuel vehicles including 3 all-electric trucks used by the Heating Plant and Building Services.  

Borrow-a-Bike Program

The Borrow-a-Bike program provides currently-enrolled students, faculty and staff with a free and environmentally-friendly alternative mode of transportation for getting around campus. Bicycles are available at Campus Parking Services on a first-come, first-served basis. The program also provides a lock and helmet with every bike rental.  

Huskie Bus Line

The Huskie Line is paid for through student fees, and is free to use by anyone with a valid NIU ID. It is also available for public community use for a small fee. Use the Huskie Line website to explore the different bus routes and find the one that services your area. You can also use the Huskie Bus Tracker. This interactive map allows you to track the location of every bus at any given moment. The Huskie Line also offers a shuttle service to the Elburn train station which travels to the suburbs and major cities.  

Commuter Carpool Connections Program

Military and Post-Traditional Student Services at Northern Illinois University offers this free carpool service to students, faculty, and staff. This service is intended to reduce commuting costs, ease parking congestion on campus, and promote informal interactions among students, faculty, and staff at NIU. The Commuter Carpool Connections service is a secure database that will match you with other commuters in your area through anonymous e-mails generated within the database.

Walking Guide

This guide, provided by Parking Services, gives walkers an estimate of how much time it takes to travel from one building to another. The City of DeKalb received a grant in late 2012, part of which will be used to improve connectivity of walking and bike paths.  

Huskie Safe Line

Huskie Safe Line is a shuttle service during late night hours after the Huskie Bus Line stops running. This free service is available to NIU students, faculty, and staff as well as community membrs with disabilities. The shuttle travels a fixed route with 35 pick-up and drop-off locations.