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Green Team Accomplishments

Since its initiation, the Green Team has successfully implemented several projects that promote campus sustainability. While these projects are specific to Green Team efforts, many other sustainable initiatives have been implemented by individual members and departments. Below is a brief summary of some Green Team projects.

Battery Recycling

battery recyclingThe Green Team offers an opportunity for the campus community to be involved with a program that promotes sustainability and environmental awareness by recycling batteries found in the office environment. The following types of batteries will be accepted: rechargeable batteries, AA, AAA, C, D, 9-volt and other small alkaline batteries found in typical office equipment and supplies, Lithium-ion, Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries.

The Green Team established a system to recycle these batteries through Campus Mail. The batteries can be placed in any reusable envelope and sent to "Campus Mail/Recycling.” There is no limit to the number of batteries that can be placed in the envelope as long as the envelope can be sealed and secured during shipment. Be sure to seal the battery terminals with tape to prevent accidental discharge during shipment. Campus Mail Services and the Environmental Health and Safety Department work together to manage all incoming batteries and ensure proper disposal. Since the project's implementation, the Green Team has helped recycle 8,041 lbs of batteries! The project is now a collaborative effort with NIU Campus Recycling.

Pen, Pencil, and Marker Recycling

office supply recycling

This office supply recycling initiative collects used pens, mechanical pencils, and markers. These items are collected through Campus Mail Services similar to battery recycling. Ink placed in the landfill can release harmful chemicals into the environment and leach through the ground into the water supply. The Green Team recycles the office supplies through a program with Terracycle©. This project has sparked the idea of a larger office greening initiative to be implemented through a partnership with the Green Team and the Institute for the Study of the Environment, Sustainability, and Energy.

Wellness Fair

wellness fairThe Green Team has had a booth at the Wellness Fair each year since its start. Sustainable practices at home lead to a healthier lifestyle. The group has collected batteries, light bulbs, pens, and markers for recycling at past Wellness Fairs. Reusable tote bags were also provided for attendees at the fair by the Green Team.