Undergraduate Studies

Advance Your Geographic Knowledge

If you enjoyed any of these topics of
GEOG 105
Introduction to the Atmosphere...

... then you might be interested in the following courses:

Earth Geography
•weather? or climate?
•latitude, longitude & time
•solar year & earth tilt
Earth’s Atmosphere
•composition & vertical structure
•Ozone: the good, the bad and the ugly
Energy and Temperature
•solar energy-the engine of all
•partitioning solar energy
•latitude & surface effects on energy balance
•heat & temperature
•daily & annual temperature cycles
•global temperatures: what greenhouse effect?
Atmospheric Circulation
•surface & upper air winds
•Surface pressure systems &
   the predictability of wind
•winds aloft: seasonal wind shifts
Moisture, Clouds & Precipitation
•the roles of water in the atmosphere
•cloud & fog formation
•precipitation & lifting mechanisms
•air masses & frontal systems
•cyclones, anticyclones & weather tracks
•the hydrologic cycle
•soil-water budgets
•global climate systems
•climate classification
•regional climates
    - tropical
    - mid-latitude
    - polar
•the geography of extremes: weather & climate

Meteorology Advisor David Changnon