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Cartography Lab Picture

The Cartography Lab was established in 1965. Since its beginning the Cartography Lab has been both a working and teaching facility. Our primary goals are to be a high quality cartographic production lab (click here to see our award winning maps) and at the same time teach students strong cartographic design and production skills. The lab is equipped with multiple workstations, a large format scanner, and several printers/plotters. The primary software used are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop,and ArcMap.

The many functions of the Cartography Lab include support of faculty needs for both classroom and research graphics, as well as the production of cartographic products for both on- and off-campus clients. Off-campus clients are either government agencies or non-for-profit organizations.

Cartography Lab PictureOver the years hundreds of students have gone through the Cartography Lab, either for geography labs and/or as employees. These students gain invaluable design and production skills that will benefit them and their potential employers after graduation. The Cartography Lab and the Advanced Geospatial Lab were merged in 2012 and was renamed the Geospatial Mapping Lab. For additional information contact Phil Young (815) 753-0583.