Department Personnel

Xuwei Chen

    Xuwei Chen

       Davis Hall, Room 212A

       Associate Professor
       Ph. D. Texas State University


Research Emphasis: Geographic Information Science, Transportation Geography, and Urban Geography






Specific Research Endeavors

I am interested in Geographic Information Science (GIScience) and its applications to the following fields: (1) evacuation modeling and hazards research; (2) transportation geography; (3) spatial analysis, geovisualization, and their applications in urban issues. In particular, I have dedicated my efforts to investigate issues related to emergency evacuations, commute patterns, urbanization, and crime patterns. I couple advanced dynamic modeling techniques (agent-based models and activity-based models) with GIS techniques to simulate evacuation processes in different scenarios and investigate the effectiveness of different evacuation strategies at a micro-scale. I also incorporate advanced spatial-temporal analysis techniques to examine the dynamics of urban phenomena (e.g., urban hierarchy, crimes, and commute patterns). In addition, I explore other issues in GIScience (e.g., dasymetric mapping, 3D modeling and usability issues of geovisualization techniques).