Department Personnel

Jie Song

    Jie Song

       Davis Hall, Room 219B

       Ph. D. University of Delaware



Research Emphasis: Dynamic Meteorology and Surface Climatology

Specific Research Endeavors

Modeling dynamic interactions between the land surface and atmosphere using global climate models to advance our understanding of potential climate change and its impact. Specific focus is on developing a dynamic rooting system module for the dynamic global vegetation model to link global carbon cycle with hydrological cycle and couple it with land surface model for modeling climate change and studying the role of soil and vegetation in the future climate under several IPCC scenarios.

Examining biophysical characteristics and processes under various environmental conditions through field measurements, and investigating the effect of land use change on regional climate.

Modeling carbon, water and nitrogen budgets for bioenergy crops to study carbon gain vs. cost for biofuel production as well as soil carbon sequestration.