Department Personnel

Jie Song

    Jie Song

       Davis Hall, Room 219B

       Ph. D. University of Delaware



Research Emphasis: Dynamic Meteorology and Surface Climatology

Specific Research Endeavors

Modeling dynamic interactions between the land surface and atmosphere using regional climate models to advance our understanding of potential climate change and its impact. Specific focus is on investigating impact of urban land use change and atmospheric pollutants on regional temperature, rainfall and circulation pattern under the current and future greenhouse gases emission background.

Modeling the role of human activities on changes in surface hydrology and water cycle under land use change, increase in aerosol emission and global warming background; Modeling the physical processes of lake effect on severe weather event during the warm and cold seasons using Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model.

Investigating the interactions of atmosphere-vegetation-soil in surface energy budget and mass (water vapor and carbon dioxide) budget through field experiment and remote sensing data collection in addition to numerical modeling.