Summer 2013 Course Offerings

Department of Geography Summer 2013 Course Offerings:  

GEOG 101/102, Survey of Physical Geography & Lab [blended online & on campus]
GEOG 253, Environment and Society [online]
GEOG 256, Maps and Mapping [online]
GEOG 303, Water Resources and the Environment [online]
GEOG 306, Severe and Hazardous Weather [online]
GEOG 324X, Women in Science [online]
GEOG 359, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems [online]
GEOG 368, Climate Change: Science, Impacts and Mitigation [online]
GEOG 432/532, Geography of Health [Hoffman Estates]
GEOG 459/559, Geographic Information Systems [online]
GEOG 460/560, Remote Sensing of the Environment [online]
GEOG 556, Fundamentals of Mapping [online]
GEOG 557, Fundamentals of GIS [online]

GEOG 391/602, Internship
GEOG 491/MET 491, Independent Research