Common Reading Experience

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 Eboo Patel's speech on Boston Marathon Bombing

An Acts of Faith discussion guide can be found at

An Acts of Faith study guide:

An Acts of Faith reading assignment guide:$File/finaldraftNSObookguide2012.pdf

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Kelly Melvin
Assistant Director
First- and Second-Year Experience
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Instructors Using the Common Reading Experience:

Over 90 Instructors used the Common Reading Experience selection in their course sections in fall 2012!

Common Reading Experience Committee:

Teresa Bozikis
Graduate Assistant, First- and Second-Year Experience     

Bobbie Cole
Complex Coordinator (Grant Complex), Housing & Dining

Steve Estes
Academic Advisor, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Ellen Franklin
Assistant Director, First-Year Compositions, Department of English

Jason Goode
Assistant to Associate Vice Provost for University Honors, University Honors Program

Aaron Hill
Hall Director (Stevenson Tower D), Housing & Dining

Abria Martin
Editorial & Publications Student Assistant, First- and Second-Year Experience

Dino Martinez
Assistant Director for Leadership and Student Organizatoinal Services, Student Involvement & Leadership Development

Tim Pierce
COMS 100 Instructor Coordinator, Communications Department

Chris Porterfield
Office Staff, First- and Second-Year Experience

Punith Racha
Graduate Assistant, First- and Second-Year Experience

Denise Rode
Director, First- and Second-Year Experience

Steve Torres-Roman
Librarian, DeKalb Public Library

Alicia Schatteman
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

Donna Schoenfeld
Director, Health Enhancement

Kelly Smith
Assistant Director, First- and Second-Year Experience

Sheela Vemu
Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences