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General information on foreign languages
Why study a foreign language? See what this site says.
LOGOS Multi-lingual Dictionary. 
Directory of open access journals - Languages, Literatures & Linguistics

Useful links for American Sign Language (ASL)
ASL Literature
National Association of the Deaf
CODA (Children of Deaf Adults) International
World Federation of the Deaf

Multi-language links 
The BBC online. Loaded with lots of info on language study!

French language links
Tennesee Bob's famous French links. You better believe it!
French Assistant for Studying French
French Language News and Newspapers

German Links

ActiLingua Academy - Learn German in Vienna
Visitors get extensive information not only about learning German in Vienna including our "virtual classroom" but also on Vienna (city map, cultural events, etc.), travelling and other interesting topics.

Russian language links
Resources of the Russian Studies Program at Bucknell University

The world wide web virtual library for Russian and Eastern European Studies
Slavic & East European Collections, Yale University Library
From the Ends to the Beginning: A Bilingual Anthology of Russian Poetry
Early Twentieth-Century Russian Drama
A Helpful Guide to the Russian Language

Spanish language links
Great site for Spanish. Super links.
A free tutorial site with lots of valuable information and links!
Varieties of Spanish grammar practice

Newspapers in Spanish on the internet

El Nuevo Día (Puerto Rico)
El País (Montevideo, Uruguay)
La Nación (Buenos Aires)
El Nacional (Caracas, Venezuela)
El Tiempo (Bogotá Colombia)
Newspapers in Chile
Prensa Libre (Ciudad de Guatemala)
La Nación (Costa Rica)
El Comercio (Ecuador)
La Prensa (Honduras)
El Diario de Hoy (El Salvador)
El Siglo (Panamá)
El País (Madrid, España)
El Mundo (Madrid, España)
El Periódico (Barcelona, España)

Southeast Asian language links
Web language lessons for Burmese, Indonesian, Lao, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese.

Indonesian language links
For Indonesian studies and more...

Thai language links
For students of Thai and Thailand.

Chinese Links 
Chinese links from UC Davis.

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