Summer Camps

Matthew Attfield

Matt Attfield, a prominent musician armed with a charismatic attitude and a trombone, has been rushing toward the spotlight of the jazz industry with his impressive performances as both leader and sideman. Travelling across the United States and even extending into foreign territory, Attfield has provided jazz entertainment for a wide variety of venues and audiences. Matt has an outstanding resume in sideman performances, playing beside big time jazz veterans such as Grammy award-winning bassist Dr. Todd Coolman, Chris Potter, Sean Jones, Juno Award nominee Rodney Whitaker, and the Chicago Jazz Orchestra. American Jazz pianist Willie Pickens has described his music as containing “Nice tone quality“ with ”great conception”, a testimony to the quality of Attfield’s performances. Born and raised in the roaring Niagara Falls, NY to mother Anne Oliveri and father James Attfield, Matt has been playing the trombone since the 7th grade and has dabbled in other instruments such as the euphonium and piano. Attfield pursued his passion for music by achieving a Bachelor in Fine Arts: Jazz Studies from the SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music in 2012. Later in 2014, he received his Masters in Music at Northern Illinois University. Not only a performer and student, Matt has enjoyed great success as a jazz educator for many years. Attfield has mentored a band of the top Westchester County high school jazz players called the “Jazz Elite”, and has also collaborated with one of the world’s best jazz educators, Ronald Carter, in teaching numerous high schools and colleges/universities. Attfield has been included as a publisher for professor Carter’s second edition of his book on Pedagogy, a book published and delivered worldwide. Inspired by the sorrowful passing of his beloved grandmother in late October of 2014, Attfield released his first album titled Belle e Angelica to honor her. With composition of the album beginning the day after his grandmother’s passing, this honorable piece has been accompanied by jazz masters Marlene Rosenberg on bass and Reggie Thomas on piano.