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Visual Arts Camp
July 19 - 24, 2015

Grades 8 - 12, grade completion. 

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Challenge yourself in a variety of art media!

Serious high school artists are invited to participate in exciting, diverse, and creative art experiences at the Visual Arts Camp. Working with faculty, students, and alumni from the NIU School of Art, campers are encouraged to be innovative as they experiment with new materials, techniques, and ideas while producing portfolio-quality work in a university environment.

Group art activities, performance art presentations, and recreational activities complete the schedule for this fun-filled and diverse week. Presentations by nationally known artists, art historians, and talented studio artists enrich and enhance the hands-on studio experiences. The week concludes with a gala art show in the Olson Gallery for families and friends.

Prismacolor Logo The Visual Arts Camp thanks Prismacolor for its generous sponsorship of the Visual Arts Camp. We look forward to Prismacolor's continuing support of the camp in 2015 and to a seminar on tips and techniques for using Prismacolor products during the camp by Diana Garrett, consumer specialist for Sanford Corporation.

For more information about fees, need scholarships, discounts, housing, meals, refunds, etc., see the general information section. Click here for the registration form.  Here is a flyer to post for students

Studio Sessions

Studio work forms the core of the Visual Arts Camp and campers will be fully engaged in two intensive studio classes that meet each day for the week. On the registration form, campers make a first, second, and third choice of classes from each studio session and are assigned to one class for each session. There is limited space in each class. Classes with insufficient enrollment may be cancelled.
NOTE:  The content of classes changes from year to year, providing new challenges for first-time and returning campers alike.

Morning Studio Sessions

  • Drawing Realism - Becki Miller and Shauna Ubersox
    Using traditional drawing materials, campers create realistic drawings that address both composition and concept. Techniques are explored that allow artists to render images expressively, using mark making, visual texture, and subtle gradations.  
  • Mixed Media - Lisa Doll
    Experiment with mixed media in collage form or in the development of a personal journal combining found object materials with traditional painting and drawing techniques.  
  • Abstraction with Oil Pastel - Elizabeth Woodyatt
    Work with color using colored pencil and/or oil pastel to create dynamic drawings that emphasize contrast and depth.
  • Life Drawing - Blaine Bradford
    Draw the human figure while being introduced to college-level life drawing concepts and techniques.
  • Acrylic Painting - Janell Matas
    Learn traditional and expressive acrylic painting techniques to create dynamic and dramatic imagery. 
  • 2-D/3-D Material Rediscovery - Brian Hierstein
    Students learn basic construction and composition techniques to create two or three dimensional works of art using unconventional art materials. 

Afternoon Studio Sessions  

  • Printmaking - New in 2014! - Weston Beeler and Joshua Johnson
    Students explore a variety of printmaking experiences and develop a series of prints in the NIU printmaking studio. 
  • Acrylic Painting - Lynn Stockton and Courtney McManus 
    Learn traditional and expressive acrylic painting techniques to create dynamic and dramatic imagery. 
  • Sculpture/3-D Experience April Macatangay
    Using elements and principles of design, students create sculptures from a myriad of three-dimensional materials (both additive and subtractive methods) to convey meaning. 
  • Self Portrait and Drawing Studies - Bjana Lunde
    Draw portraits and/or self-portraits while being introduced to the essential concepts and techniques of proportion, form, and dramatic value use.
  • Life Drawing - Frank Matas 
    Draw the human figure while being introduced to college-level life drawing concepts and techniques.
  • Acrylic Portraiture - Brandon Barber
    Acrylic Portraiture - Both representational and abstract portraits are explored in acrylic using a variety of painting techniques.  

Enrichment Sessions

Guest speakers present visual overviews of their life and works as they share their career paths in visual arts.

Evening Art Activities

Students participate in evening art-making activities, often experimenting with new materials while interacting and socializing with other young artists from a variety of backgrounds. Activities may include portfolio embellishment, campus art scavenger hunt, group sculpture building, and performance art. Campers have the opportunity to devote extra time to art projects during open studio sessions scheduled every evening.

About the Camp Staff

Learn more about camp director Lynn Stockton and her staff.

Check-In and
Closing Ceremony/Art Show

SUNDAY:  Check-in is on Sunday between 2:00 p.m. - 3:15 p.m. First, campers and parents check-in at the Music Building to pick up packets. Then, they check into their rooms in nearby Gilbert Hall, the camp residence hall. 
FRIDAY:  The closing ceremony and art show are on Friday and begin at 5:15 p.m. in the Art Building (Jack Arends Hall). Parents and campers will go to the residence hall after the art show to pick up campers' belongings.

Note: All times are subject to change. Please check the camper letter that you will receive about one month before the start of camp to confirm the information.