NIU Community School of the Arts - Teacher Biographies

NIU Community School of the Arts Teachers 

SUMMER 2014 - Teachers available to teach in summer are marked with an asterisk *.

Community school teachers are divided into different categories according to their level of teaching experience. Many are beginners who are in the early stages of training, while others have teaching and/or performance degrees. All student teachers have received at least one faculty recommendation. Faculty members serve as teaching mentors. Call the office at (815) 753-1450 if you have questions about a teacher. 

Teachers by Level 

Call for fees for the following faculty:

Orna Arania (voice)
*Gregory Barrett (clarinet) 
Mary Lynn Doherty (CSA Children's Choir)
John Fairfield (French horn) 
William Goldenberg (piano) 
Blaise Magniere (violin)
Faye Seeman (harp)

Fees listed under "Faculty" on the Music Lessons fee grid.
*Ann Montzka-Smelser (Suzuki violin, violin, viola) 
*John Novak (piano, accordion) 
Linc Smelser (cello, ensembles) 

Associate Level (professional teachers, more experienced)
Yuko Asada (Steelband)
Thomas Cappaert (cello, Suzuki cello) 
*Lynn Cook (flute) 
*Jodeen Coulter (voice, piano) 
*Quentin Dover (guitar, guitar classes, ensemble) 
*Kara Eubanks (Suzuki violin, violin)
Laura Fairfield (French horn) 
*Yukiko Fujimura (piano)
*Carly Gorman (piano) 
*Cheryl Haines (flute, recorder) 
Ke-Yin Kilburn (piano, voice) 
*Marilyn Montzka (Suzuki piano)  
Victoria Peel (art lessons) 
Georgia Price (piano) 
*Laurie Rodriguez (violin, Suzuki violin, early ed classes) 
*Eric Schroeder  (guitar, Suzuki guitar, ukulele ensemble)
Michael Swope (trumpet) 
*Ben Weaver (percussion) 

Apprentice III Level (recent NIU graduates)
*Garth Anderson (trumpet)
*Elizabeth Eastman Becker (cello)
*Amanda Fawcett-Lothson (violin)
*Jaina Krueger (harp, piano)
*Ellen Prall (piano)
*Martha Robinson (bassoon)
*Kate Swope (french horn)
*Sara Vogeler (piano) 

Apprentice II Level (at least two years' teaching experience)
Andy Czarnecki (guitar)
*Stepher Eng (oboe and theatre lessons)
Josanne Francis (steelpan)
Deneisha Goolcharan (steelpan)
Greg Heintz (bass, string and electric) 
YoonJin Kim (piano) 
Alexis Lamb (percussion, guitar, electric bass)
Wesley Morgan (bass, electric and string)
Yuki Nakano (steelpan, marimba)
*Jacob Slocum (saxophone)
Richard Thompson (guitar) 
*Hannah Wood  (voice, piano) 
*Yurong "Ria" Yang (piano) 
*Xiaoshu Zhou (piano)

Apprentice I Level (early teachers, new to the community school)
*Kurt Bonamer (tuba, baritone)
Christina Guerrero (steelpan, flute)
Moonja Jeong (voice)
Evan King (saxophone) 
Kimberly McShane (trumpet)
*Ashley Miceli (clarinet)
*David Murray (trumpet) 
Matt Poulos (trombone) 
Britt Semenow (clarinet)
Grace Shanks (voice)
*Becky Weiler (flute)
*Carolyn Wright (cello)