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Buyung "Datu" Agusdinata

  • Agusdinata, D.B., Zhao, F., and DeLaurentis, D.A. “Sustainability of Biojet Fuels: A Multi-Actor Life Cycle Assessment Approach, IEEE Potentials, vol. 31(1), pp. 27 – 33, 2012.
  • Agusdinata, D.B., Zhao, F., Ileleji, K.E. and DeLaurentis, D.A. “Life Cycle Assessment of Potential Bio-jet Fuel Production in the United States”, Environmental Science and Technology, vol. 45 (21), pp. 9133–9143, 2011.
  • Agusdinata, D.B., Fry, D.N., and DeLaurentis, D.A. “Policies to Deal with Multi-Modal Transport Emissions: A System-of-Systems Approach”, Transportation Planning and Technology, vol. 34(2), pp.109-123, 2011.
  • Agusdinata, D.B. and DeLaurentis, D.A. ”Addressing Equity Issues in Multi-Actor Policymaking via a System-of-Systems Approach: A Case Study in Aviation Emissions Reduction”, Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering, vol. 20(1), pp. 1-24, 2011.
  • Agusdinata, D.B. and Dittmar, L.,” Adaptive Policy Design to Reduce Carbon Emissions: A System-of-Systems Perspective”,IEEE Systems Journal, vol. 3(4), 2009.
  • Agusdinata, D.B and DeLaurentis, D.A., "Specification of System-of-Systems for Policymaking in the Energy Sector", Integrated Assessment Journal, vol. 8(2), pp. 1-24, 2008.

Nick Barber

Giovanni Bennardo

  • Cultural Models of Nature and the Environment: Self, Space, and Causality

David Goldblum

Mitch Irwin

  • Irwin MT, Raharison JL, Raubenheimer D, Chapman C, Rothman J (2014) Nutritional correlates of the “lean season”: Effects of seasonality and frugivory on the nutritional ecology of diademed sifakas. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 153:78-91.
  • Schwitzer C, Mittermeier RA, Johnson SE, Donati G, Irwin M, Peacock H, Ratsimbazafy J, Razafindramanana J, Louis Jr. EE, Chikhi L, Colquhoun IC, Tinsman J, Dolch R, LaFleur M, Nash S, Patel E, Randrianambinina B, Rasolofoharivelo T, Wright PC (2014) Averting lemur extinctions amid Madagascar’s political crisis. Science 343:842-843.
  • Irwin MT, Junge RE, Raharison JL, Samonds KE (2010) Variation in physiological health of Diademed Sifakas across intact and fragmented forest at Tsinjoarivo, eastern Madagascar. American Journal of Primatology 72:1013-1025.
  • Irwin MT, Wright PC, Birkinshaw C, Fisher B, Gardner CJ, Glos J, Goodman SM, Loiselle P, Rabeson P, Raharison JL, Raherilalao MJ, Rakotondravony D, Raselimanana A, Ratsimbazafy J, Sparks J, Wilmé L, Ganzhorn JU (2010) Patterns of species change in anthropogenically disturbed forests of Madagascar. Biological Conservation 143:2351-2362.
  • Irwin MT, Raharison JL (2009) A review of the endoparasites of the lemurs of Madagascar. Malagasy Nature 2:66-93.
  • Irwin MT, Raharison JL, Wright PC (2009) Spatial and temporal variability in predation on rainforest primates: Do forest fragmentation and predation act synergistically? Animal Conservation 12:220-230.
  • Irwin MT (2008) Feeding ecology of diademed sifakas (Propithecus diadema) in forest fragments and continuous forest. International Journal of Primatology 29:95-115.
  • Irwin MT (2008) Diademed sifaka (Propithecus diadema) ranging and habitat use in continuous and fragmented forest: Higher density but lower viability in fragments? Biotropica 40:231-240.
  • Irwin MT (2006) Ecologically enigmatic lemurs: The sifakas of the eastern forests (Propithecus candidus, P. diadema, P. edwardsi, P. perrieri and P. tattersalli). In: Lemurs: Ecology and Adaptation (L. Gould & M. Sauther, eds.). New York: Springer, pp. 305-326.

Richard King

  • Sacerdote, A. B., King, R. (2014). Direct effects of an invasive European buckthorn metabolite on embryo survival and development in Xenopus laevis and Pseudacris triseriata. Journal of Herpetology 48:51-58.
  • Ray, J. W., King, R., Duvall, M., Robinson, J. W., Jaeger, C. P., Dreslik, M. J., Swanson, B. J., Mulkerin, D. (2012). Genetic analysis and captive breeding program design for the Eastern Massasauga Sistrurus catenatus catenatus. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management, 4, 104-113 + supporting information online

  • Jones, P. C., King, R., Bailey, R. L., Bieser, N. D., Bissell, K., Campa, H., Crabill, T., Cross, M. D., DeGregrio, B. A., Dreslik, M. J., Durbian, F. E., Harvey, D. S., Heckt, S. E., Jellen, B. C., Johnson, G., Kingsbury, B. A., Kowalski, M. J., ee, J., Manning, J. V., Moore, J. A., Oakes, J., Phillips, C. A., Prior, K. A., Refsnider, J. M., Rouse, J. D., Sager, J. R., Seigel, R. A., Shepard, D. B., Smith, C. S., VanDeWalle, T. J., Weatherhead, P. J., Yagi, A. (2012). Range-wide analysis of Eastern Massasauga survivorship. Journal of Wildlife Management, 76, 1576-1586.

Melissa Lenczewski

Emily McKee

Eric Mogren

  • Warm Sands: Uranium Mill Tailings Policy in the Atomic West

Reed Scherer

Tomoyuki Shibata

Diana Swanson

Brendon Swedlow

Kendall Thu

Carl von Ende