Engaged Learning


The Environmental Studies Department has engaged students outside of the classroom by bringing them to venues where they can expand their environmental knowledge. 

Students attended the National Council for Science & The Environment conference in January of 2012.

A larger group of students attended the Chicago Green Festival in May 2012.

The Chicago Green Festival was an eye opening and wonderful experience. Attending it only reinforced the confidence I have about striving for a career related to the environment. Involving the environment in my life is something I try to do on a daily basis. I learned that there are endless ways to do this through my career and free time and that there are many more businesses and organizations in the green field than I thought previously, making a career involving the environment possible and easily reachable. In my career after school I can devote my time to protecting natural habitat like Lake Michigan. The Chicago Green Festival opened the door and gave me inspiration to think about what I want to specifically use my degree for. Becoming involved with the Environmental Studies program was the best decision I made in my college career. I feel excited doing activities for it, talking about it, and even writing about it now. I grew up knowing I wanted to make a difference in life, and getting a degree in environmental studies is helping me do just that. I can take my passion for the environment and use that to better the world we live in. I could not imagine a more perfect road to follow.
~ Kathryn Olson, Environmental Studies Student