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Look for a new feature called Viewing Graduation Status in My Academic section of the Student Center.

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Use the links below to access help sheets for the MyNIU Student Center. 

Basic Navigation
Training Materials
Accessing the Student Center Handout
Login to MyNIU
Orientation Login
Training Materials
Adding Classes to Your Shopping Cart Handout
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Applying for Graduation Handout
Registering for Classes Handout
Registering for Classes Using Permissions Numbers Handout
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Registering to a Course Wait List Handout
Running a What-If Report Handout
Using Enrollment Shopping Cart to Register for Classes Handout
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Using the Book Information Link Handout
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Using the Student Center to View an Academic Requirements Report/Degree Progress Report Handout
Viewing Graduation Status Handout
Viewing Your Class Schedule Handout
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Viewing the To Do List
Viewing Your Transfer Credit Report Handout
Viewing Your Unofficial Transcript Handout
Training Materials
For additional help on the topics below, call the Bursar's office.  
Making a Payment by Credit Card
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Making a Payment by Electronic Check
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Using Third Party Cookies for Making Payments
Using Term Account Detail
Viewing 1098-T Information Handout
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Viewing your account statement Handout
For additional help on the topics below, call the Financial Aid office.  
Adjusting your Financial Aid Award
Completing Federal Perkins MPN
Giving Consent to Title IV Permissions
Guide to the Financial Aid Award Notification
Personal Information
Training Materials
Completing Emergency Contact Information
Completing Missing Person Information for Resident Hall Students Handout
Updating Your Personal Information
Training Materials
Accepting an Admissions Offer from NIU
Viewing Your Transfer Credit Report 
Law School
Training Materials
Dropping a Class - Enrolled or Wait Listed Handout
Locating NIU Blind Grading Numbers
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Registering to a Course Wait List
Swapping a Class Handout

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Additional Help

For help or technical assistance contact the ITS HelpDesk at 815-753-8100.