Available URA Positions

The department name listed is the department of the professor.  Some positions accept students from other majors.

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Spring 2015 Opportunities

Lucy Bilaver Public Health Age at Autism Diagnosis by State: Focus on Illinois
Omar Chmaissem Physics Undergraduate Training in X-ray Diffraction and reflectometry on Bulk and Thin Films
Julie Crouch Center for the Study of Family Violence and Sexual Assault Simulated Infant Study URA
Anthony Deldin Kinesiology and Physical Education Childhood obesity undergraduate research assistant
Mel Duvall Biological Sciences Herbarium digitization technician
Elizabeth Gaillard              Chemistry and Biochemistry                          Biochemistry laboratory assistant
David Goldblum Geography Carbon Dynamics of tallgrass prairie restoration
Rebecca Hannagan Political Science Understanding Military Sexual Assault
David Hedin Physics research assistant
Venumadhav Korampally Electrical Engineering Undergraduate research assistant
Nicole La Due Geology and Environmental Geosciences Evaluating Science Diagram Comprehension in Science and Non-Science Majors
Laurence Lurio Physics X-ray Scattering Study of the Structure of Supported Phospholipid Bilayers
Laurence Lurio Physics simulation of phospholipid bilayer structure and phases
Jimmie Manning Communication Relationship Research Laboratory
Thomas McCann English Research Assistant: Investigation into the Concerns of Beginning English Teachers
Nina Mounts Psychology Undergraduate Research Assistant: Parental Management of Adolescents' Peer Relationships
Philippe Piot Physics Attosecond X-ray pulses production using laser-driven high-harmonic generation in gas
Jessica Ridgway Family, Consumer, and Nutrition Sciences Clothing and the Body Research Lab Assistant
Walker Ashley Geography Climatology of Quasi Linear Convective System Tornadoes in Illinois
Paul Wright Kinesiology and Physical Education Physical Activity and Life Skills (PALS) Group Undergraduate Research Assistant
Jie Zhou Computer Science Improving Computational Algorithms for Automatic Dendrite Length Estimation