Northern Lights Ambassadors

Northern Lights Ambassador Student Profile

Usman Beg Portrait Name
: Usman Beg 

Major: Electrical Engineering 

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan 

Committee: Student and Civic Engagement  

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My Story:

I am a Chem Demos Group Leader through the NIU Chemistry Club and am involved in the University Honors Student Association, NIU Chemistry Club, and Paws for a Cause. Campus related interests of mine include community service, student organizations, and research.  

An academic goal I have is to implement what I learn in my classes in a biology research lab to increase current knowledge about humans and diseases to ultimately find cures for them. My career goal is to work as a medical practitioner. 

Scholarships I have received include: the International Student Academic Scholarship and the Northern Lights Ambassadors Scholarship. 

Some hobbies I have are playing soccer, reading news articles, cooking and exercising. 

I invite you to learn more about me at my blog