Northern Lights Ambassadors

Northern Lights Ambassador Student Profile

sanchez  Name: Gabriella Sanchez 

  Major: Communications Studies

  Year: Junior

  Hometown: Oswego, Illinois

  Committee: Communications/ New Student Initiatives


My Story:

What does it mean to be a Huskie?  Being a Huskie means pride, determination, and strength among many other things. We each have our own story that has shaped our Huskie experience. My NIU experience has been everything I could ask for and more.

As a freshman at Northern I was hesitant as to how to find my spot in this big world of NIU. There were so many welcome activities and options to get involved with. It was normal to feel a little bit whelmed. I was thrilled to hear about the opportunities but I knew I needed to jump on all the opportunities. I come from a Hispanic family background so it was important to me I attended a university that appreciates diversity.

Throughout my three years at NIU I have joined many organizations that have helped shape my story. The first organization I joined was Lambda Sigma sophomore honor society. This organization gave me a gateway into the NIU community. It was safe spot and allowed me to see how an organization is run, and all the other opportunities I could partake in.

Academics have always been my main priority in my school career. I was nervous to join many organizations because I thought it would affect my grades. I however, was proven wrong. Being involved at NIU has made me more engaged as a student. My grades have kept steady, with even a slight improvement. Being involved on campus has helped me to make lifelong friend ships that I can take with me beyond my years at NIU.

By the time of my sophomore year I was extremely confident in my ability to choose the right organization for me. I was also confident that I was able to find the perfect school, work, activities, and social life balance. This is an important step to reach in the college years. Once this balance is found one is able to relax a bit, while knowing everything will be okay.

NIU has helped shaped me into the person I am today. I feel confident that when I graduate in two years I will be able to go into the work force with a concrete foundation to be able to succeed. Academics have played a significant role in this confidence, but the Northern Illinois community is really what helped me to come to this confidence within myself.

There is more to being a Huskie that meets the eye. Being a Huskie means having pride in your school of course, but it also means so much more. Being a Huskie means succeeding in your academics as well as your personal growth. Being a Huskie means confidence that you can face whatever the world has to offer you.