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Fall 2012 Management Teams

Vino Tuscany Grill

Tuesday, October 9 and November 6, 2012

Vino Tuscany Grill

Stephanie Forristall, Nici Newquist, Nicholas Hernandez, Alison Lind,
Laura Gaa

Laura Gaa

HI! My name is Laura Gaa and I am a senior Nutrition and Dietetics major here at NIU. I am the general manager for Vino Tuscany Grille at Ellington’s. I plan on graduating in December 2013 so I can finish my Public Health minor. After graduation, I would like to be a Wellness Director at a corporate company. I love to cook and try new, delicious, and healthy recipes! At Vino Tuscany Grille, that’s what we strive for! Light and flavorful dishes, that will transport you to the cobble stone streets of Italy! Bon appetite!

Nici Newquist

Hello Everyone! My name is Nici Newquist and I am the Dining Room Manager at Vino Tuscany Grille. I am a senior majoring in Nutrition/Dietetics, and am planning to graduate in Spring 2013. After graduation, I hope to continue on and become a Registered Dietitian.  I am currently playing in my last season for the Huskies on the women’s soccer team. I’m really excited about our menu for Vino Tuscany Grille, and I hope you’re ready to experience a little of the Tuscan Italian cuisine!

Stefanie Lee

Hello my name is Stefanie Lee and I am the Marketing Manager for Vino Tuscany Grille at Ellington’s. I am majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics and will graduate May 2013! I am planning to continue on with my Master’s, become a Registered Dietician and work in oncology , as a consultant,  in research, or start out in a clinical setting involving Medical Nutrition Therapy.  I have been cooking and working in restaurants since the age of 16 and now I really enjoy cooking as a daily hobby and entertaining at our home with friends and family! We hope you enjoy the flavorful menu we have created and make sure to have a glass of Vino to enhance your Tuscan experience! Cheers!

Nicholas Hernandez

Hello, my name is Nicholas Hernandez.  I am the Executive Chef at Vino Tuscany Grille, a Hospitality Administration Major and will be graduating in December 2012.  Being in the kitchen and restaurant scene has been part of my life since I was about 8 years old.  I dream of one day having my own catering company and restaurant with an extensive bakery. Having been in this industry for so long, I take much pride in what I do in the kitchen and in this class.  Putting as much effort as I do in life into this class, I hope that my team and I can provide an excellent dining experience to all those that come into Ellington’s Restaurant this semester.

Alison Lind

Hi! My name is Alison Lind. I am the Sous Chef at Vino Tuscany Grille and I am a senior at NIU and I plan to graduate with my Bachelor’s in Nutrition and Dietetics in May of 2013. I recently started my personal training certificate so upon graduation; I would like to do something in the field of sports nutrition.  I have enjoyed my experience at NIU but I am excited to be graduating and be able to get into the professional field to get hands on learning experiences and further my knowledge.  But for right now, I am the Sous Chef of Vino Tuscan Grille at Ellington’s so I hope you all can come and indulge yourself for a wonderful lunch with an excellent atmosphere and great staff to assist you!