Renacer Boliviano - NIU - Ellington's

Fall 2012 Management Teams

Renacer Boliviano

Wednesday, October 24 and November 28, 2012

Renacer Boliviano

Katie Henkel, Rachel McBride, Loryn Meisch, Matt Edwards, Marissa Stachura

Marissa Stachura

Marissa Stachura is a senior at Northern Illinois University majoring in Nutrition in Dietetics. She takes an interest in the science of food and plans to become a clinical registered dietitian. Her group has chosen a Bolivian cuisine to create a unique dining experience that brings the warmth of Marissa’s culture from South America to Ellington’s. As General Manager of the group, she is admits to developing a wealth of knowledge from both her team and her instructors; she is enjoys learning how to see food as an art instead of a science. Marissa will be staying in Bolivia for the summer to educate her pallet abroad after she graduates from NIU in May of 2013.

Katie Henkel

Katie Henkel is a senior majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics with a minor in Public Health. She is also the Treasurer of the Student Dietetic Association. She is excited for the Bolivian menu because she enjoys a new and exciting challenge. This menu includes foods unfamiliar to her which makes this experience even more satisfying. 

Rachel McBride

Rachel McBride is Renacer Boliviano’s Dining Room Manager. She is a senior in Nutrition and Dietetics program and plans to pursue NIU for her dietetic internship and master’s degree in nutrition next fall.  Rachel is interested in a sports dietetics career with a college or professional team after acquiring a strong background in clinical and community nutrition.  Ellington’s provided her with the knowledge and skills that are necessary to plan a menu and run a successful restaurant, while having fun!  She is excited for the guests to experience Renacer Boliviano’s culturally unique cuisine.

Matt Edwards

Matt Edwards is a senior at NIU majoring in nutrition and dietetics.  He has cooked in restaurants for more than ten years and is excited for the opportunity to prepare unique and authentic Bolivian cuisine.

Loryn Meisch

Loryn Meisch is a senior at Northern Illinois University majoring in Hospitality Administration.  She is the public relations chairman in her sorority, Sigma Kappa.  She is also Renacer Boliviano’s Marketing Manager and has years of experience working in the restaurant industry.  She is excited for guests to experience Bolivian cuisine and looks forward to preparing the menu and having the chance to experience this unique cuisine, as well!