Kipona Aloha - NIU - Ellington's

Fall 2012 Management Teams

Kipona Aloha

Wednesday, October 10 and November 7, 2012

Kipona Aloha

Laura Schoer, Sally Shin, Jinger Christal, Lindsey Shaffer, Ashley Sorrentino

Jinger Christal

Aloha my name is Jinger Christal and I am a senior here at NIU.  I am majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics and hope to become a registered dietician in the near future.  My team is very excited about our menu and we chose Authentic Hawaiian Cuisine because a lot of their foods are fresh, light, and very healthy.  A lot of our menu items are vegan friendly and gluten free, but we still have some rich and savory items as well especially our short ribs and cheesecake. So come on in and try some fantastic food that might be new to you.

Laura Schoer

Hi! My name is Laura Schoer. I am a senior here at NIU in Hospitality Administration and plan on graduating in May 2013. After graduating I plan on working in the catering industry. I am very interested in new and exciting foods and am looking forward to sharing our Hawaiian menu with you. I hope you enjoy it!

Lindsey Shaffer

Hello all!  My name is Lindsey Shaffer and I am a PostBac student studying Nutrition & Dietetics.  For my future career, I look forward to working with patients who have chronic illnesses and are in need of nutritional intervention.  For our restaurant, I hope that everyone that visits will get to feel the excitement and joy that we, as a team, put into creating a Hawaiian Paradise.  Part of the allure of choosing this theme was in its relaxed and inviting atmosphere, along with a great diversity of food.  I can’t wait to watch people experience new cuisine for the first time.

Sally Shin

Hi, my name is Sally Shin and I am a Nutrition and Dietetics major graduating in May 2013.  Food is something that I love and enjoy in my daily routine. I love tasting different types of food and exploring different cultures as well. I have worked as a kitchen aid and as a waitress at Blue House Korean BBQ , located in Vernon Hills, for about 2 years, and enjoyed every minute of it. We are all very excited for our Hawaiian Cuisine, and I hope everyone will enjoy their experience with us!

Ashley Sorrentino

Hi, my name is Ashley Sorrentino and I am a Nutrition and Dietetics major graduating in May 2013.  I have received my nutrition and food experiences by working in Neptune Dining Hall and I am the Vice President of Northern Illinois’ Student Dietetic Association. My goal is to become a Registered Dietitian and possibly work with patients who have eating disorders. We are all very excited to share our relaxing Hawaiian experience at Ellington’s with everyone!