NIU Smoking Policy


NIU Smoking Policy



TO: NIU Faculty and Staff

FROM: Steve Cunningham, Associate Vice President, Administration and Human Resources

DATE: December 20, 2007

RE: Smoke Free Illinois Act (P.A. 95-0017)

Illinois will implement a comprehensive no-smoking statute called the Smoke Free Illinois Act (P.A. 95-0017), applicable to both public and private places of employment and public meeting spaces, effective January 1, 2008. Pursuant to the Smoke Free Illinois Act, NIU will adopt measures as required pursuant to the state statute in addition to the current NIU policy prohibiting smoking in all facilities.

In summary form, the basic provisions of the Smoke Free Illinois Act are as follows: \

  • Prohibits all smoking inside or within 15 feet from entrances, exits, windows that open, and ventilation intakes associated with places of employment and public places. This requirement pertains to all university owned/operated facilities, dormitories, and vehicles at all university locations. 
  • "No Smoking" signs will be posted at each entrance to NIU facilities and ashtrays/urns must be removed from spaces covered under the scope of the Public Act.
  • Violations of the Public Act involve significant fines. Effective compliance will be reliant upon each individual taking responsibility for personal compliance with the state statute as well as a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.

The Smoke Free Illinois Act is a state statute with compliance responsibilities at both the institutional and individual levels. All employees and students are legally required to comply with the provisions of this state statute. Additionally, institutional responsibilities include signage at entryways to buildings and public meeting spaces as well as reasonable responses to violations of the Smoke Free Illinois Act in university owned/operated facilities. We look forward to your cooperation with respect to the Smoke Free Illinois Act.

If you have any questions concerning enactment of the state statute, please feel free to contact Human Resource Services at 753-6000.


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