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Headshot_AziziSoroosh Azizi

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"Migration and Remittances

Research Fields
Primary: Labor Economics, International Economics, Applied Econometrics
Secondary: Health, Education, and Welfare, Economic Development

ch_headshotHaritima S. Chauhan

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 "Essays on the Effects of Consumer and Investor Sentiments on Asset Markets and Macroeconomy

Research Fields
Primary: Financial Economics and Applied Econometrics
Secondary: Behavioral Finance and Macroeconomics

Uche HeadshotUche Eseosa Ekhator

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"The Child Health Effects of Terrorism: Evidence from the Boko Haram Insurgency in Nigeria

Research Fields
Primary: Health Economics, Labor Economics, Development Economics
Secondary: Statistics and Applied Econometrics


Osell HeadshotShawn Osell

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"Interest On Excess Reserves in a DSGE model with a Banking Sector

Research Fields
Primary: Monetary Theory and Policy, Bayesian Econometrics, Sequential Monte Carlo Estimation
Secondary: Financial Economics, Econometrics


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