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Research Methodology Services

What does the RMS do?

The RMS will provide methods and analysis consulting to faculty who are developing proposals for external funding. The pre-proposal consulting is available at no cost. In exchange for services, faculty investigators must agree to budget the RMS in their proposals to participate in data analysis at a rate of $70.99 per hour. The RMS is thus compensated for services only if the project is funded.

RMS services include attending meetings to discuss the project, its design, and its statistical needs; consultation on the analysis requirements for the project; and writing analysis sections of the grant proposal. The RMS can contribute to plans for study design, sample size estimation, data management, statistical analysis, and other methodological tasks.

RMS also offers access to standard statistical software such as SPSS, Stata, SAS and S-PLUS/R, as well as more specialized software upon request. Also, the RMS can provide reference materials and other resources to support the use of methods and analyses involved in the project.

Topics addressed by the RMS include:

  • Basic univariate analysis (e.g., ANOVA, correlation, linear regression)
  • Bayesian Modeling
  • Bootstrap and other resampling procedures
  • Design features (e.g., sample size and power analysis)
  • Dyadic data analysis
  • Factor Analysis
  • Generalized Linear Models
  • Linear and non-linear mixed-effects models
  • Logistic and other regression methods for discrete data
  • Missing data issues
  • Multilevel models for nested data (e.g., longitudinal data, individuals in groups)
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Psychometric analysis
  • Structural Equation Modeling
  • Survival Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis

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