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Equity in Action

The Office of Academic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is making lasting changes, and it is encouraging to see NIU living out its mission to create a more welcoming environment with so many opportunities for discussion. Here are a few examples of equity and inclusion in action at NIU.

In the News

DeKalb-area pastor Joe Mitchell shares his thoughts about the duty of all citizens to speak up for justice in a WNIJ piece entitled "We All Have a Responsibility Here."

The Importance of Pronouns

Diversity Three-Year Plan

The Diversity and Inclusion Task Force convened in May of 2014 with sixteen members made up of faculty and staff. These members were charged with the task of exploring the issues that affect diversity at NIU and setting the groundwork for hiring NIU’s first Chief Diversity Officer. They ultimately came up with a three-year plan, including thirteen action items to transform the way NIU handles issues around diversity and inclusion. 

Conscientious Costumes

Halloween is a fun time filled with parties and costumes. Unfortunately, the spirit of fun and silliness can sometimes overtake common sense and compassion when costumes that stereotype, demean and sometimes sexualize certain cultures and people. We encourage you to take time to thoroughly think through your costume choices to make sure you are not unintentionally contributing to ethnic, racial, religious or sexual stereotypes. These costumes do not contribute to a genuine understanding of individual persons and cultures. 

Diversity Dialogues

Diversity Dialogues are a monthly series that provides a forum for members of the university community to talk openly and honestly on complex and important diversity topics.

2016 NCAA Award for Diversity and Inclusion

At NIU we feel that the athletic department is in a unique situation to be the stage on which to showcase diversity and acceptance at every level. From our staff and coaches to our student athletes, people from every walk of life, race, religion, gender and sexual orientation are able to not only work together behind the scenes, but on a national platform. For this, the NIU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics was awarded the 2016 NCAA and Minority Opportunities Athletic Award for Diversity and Inclusion


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Student Organization Spotlight

In an effort to help those with deafness achieve cultural equality, members of NIU's Deaf Pride organization bring a part of the hearing culture to those with deafness by using American Sign Language (ASL) to sign and interpret song lyrics, poetry and stories. NIU’s Deaf Pride has been staging Sign Sync for decades now. The show, now held twice a year at the Carl Sandburg Auditorium, is just one of several activities the group conducts.

Sign Sync video