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Our Goals

In order to build a more inclusive campus, NIU has created the Office of Academic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to coordinate and implement the goals set forth by the President’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. These goals inform our strategy as we strive to coordinate widespread programs with the main objective of supporting a diverse student population. We want to increase access to high quality educational programs and increase the retention and graduation rates of our underserved student populations.

The office has also developed a three-year plan to improve NIU diversity, equity and inclusion.

Develop Partnerships

We strive to develop partnerships with NIU academic diversity centers to engage faculty in diverse research opportunities and support students who choose undergraduate research centered around multicultural and race and gender studies. We support and endorse initiatives and projects that offer cultural affirmation and exploration to actively engage our students and provide better student retention and graduation rates.

Inspire Completion

NIU is committed to ensuring that all students from diverse communities are provided access and equity and that we support low-income, first generation, adult-learners and students of color in their pursuit of career success and ultimately increasing retention and graduation rates. One of the ways we plan to help this group is through the AAC&U’s Equity Academy, which allows universities to focus efforts and use strategies to improve student outcomes for a diverse student populations.

Promote the Human Diversity Experience

We strive to create a human diversity graduation requirement for all NIU students. This would increase multicultural learning experiences throughout the student body and raise awareness of inclusion and culture.


We want our faculty to reflect our diverse student population and in order to do this we must invest financial resources in hiring a diverse workforce. This investment requires a focused recruitment process and the intention to retain a diverse workforce in targeted disciplines. We must seek out minority professors who are experts and leaders in their respective fields and who will inspire students and offer unique perspectives in all departments and programs at NIU.


The creation of new professional development and training opportunities on the values of inclusion, diversity and cultural competencies for faculty, staff and students is imperative to creating equity for all students. 


Consolidate and restructure the purpose and mission of all academic diversity committees throughout campus charged with the task of improving inclusion and equity. This will increase effectiveness and efficiency by reducing the number of committees and ensuring that all departments are responsible for the ongoing inclusion, equity, assessment and effectiveness of those recommendations.


NIU will invest in accessible technology that enhances the learning environment for students, faculty and staff with disabilities.

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