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DeafPride Fall 2012 Meetings

Time will be 9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Dates and location to be announced soon.

Deaf Awareness Week 2012

DeafPride will again be hosting Deaf Awareness Week this fall the first full week of November. Check back here for updated events postings.


DeafPride is recognized by the NIU Student Association and is open to all members of the Northern Illnois University Community.

Things We Do

Through actions, activities, service, and programs, DeafPride accommplishes its mission:

  • Awareness: promoting Deaf Culture on campus and throughout the NIU community through Deaf Awareness Week, SignSync, Multi-cultural Perspectives in Deaf Culture, Diversity in ASL and Deaf Culture, Bridging the Gap, ASL Cafe.
  • Networking: act as a resource of information on Deaf Culture and hearing loss for the NIU Community through elementary school presentations, college class presentations, residence hall sign language classes, bake sales, poster sales, field trips.
  • Support: sharing of personal experiences to gain a better understand of Deaf Culture and hearing loss through silent dinners, member presentations, professional presentations on topics of interest such as technology and the deaf.
  • Service: volunteer activities to promote and develop leadership and teamwork skills for all members and the executive board through volunteering at community agencies, signing Holiday Carols and distributing Holiday cards to nursing home residents, and food and clothing drives.

Benefits to DeafPride Members

  • Do you want to have fun while attending NIU with others who have similar interests?
  • Is volunteering in the community a skill of yours or one that you want to develop?
  • Do Leadership and Teamwork sound like skills you want to develop?
  • Do you want to do all this in a communication-accessible environment while incorporating your sign language skills?
  • Then DeafPride is the club to join!

Join Us

  • Biweekly meetings during the semester assist in setting up and participate in the social, educational, and service activiites each semester
  • Members in good academic standing can be elected to one of the four executive board positions to further develop leadership skills
  • Membership is open to any NIU student, faculty or staff or NIU Community member regardless of hearing status or major

For more information

Jenifer Montag, DeafPride Faculty Advisor
Phone: 815-753-1694
TTY: 815-753-3000
Fax: 815-753-9570

Past Events and Activities

See the wide variety of activities that DeafPride is involved in across the NIU Campus and the DeKalb Community and the types of programming that are available to students interested in diversity and disability at NIU.

A Sampling of Events:

  • CJ Jones Live! - Nationally known Deaf African-American actor, performer, and educator is coming to NIU to share with us his experiences in Hollywood, on Broadway, and around the world.
  • DeafTown - Come travel our Deaf Town and see life from a signing perspective.
  • Juan Bernal Presents: Intersection of Identities - Juan, a Deaf, Gay, Hispanic man from Chicago will discuss his intersection of identities; how he sees himself and how others see him.
  • Sign Sync - Join us to see songs performed in sign language.
  • Deaf Panel and Coffee Chat - Wrap up the week with an evening of coffee and conversation.
  • Sponsors for Deaf Awareness Week include (not exhaustive list): DeafPride, Disability Resource Center (DRC), Center for Black Studies, Latino Resource Center, PRISM, SA, TRIO

DeafPride Fun Conversational Sign Language Classes:

  • Join us for five weeks of conversational sign classes. No tests, no grades, no worries. Want to see what sign language is all about? This is the introductory class for you!
  • Latino Deaf Culture Series - Join us for four nights of learning about the Latino Deaf Culture and comparing American Sign Language and Mexican Sign Language. Free and open to all. Sponsored by DeafPride and Latino Resource Center.
  • Carmen Aguilar Presents: Latino Deaf Culture
  • DeafPride Meetings
  • Juan Bernal Presents: Identities and Culture

DeafPride is SA supported. All events are free and open to all. Sign language interpreters will be provided. To request other accommodations, contact the DRC as soon as possible. For communication access other than sign language interpreters, submit requests a week in advance to allow us time to secure those services.