Alternative Text Materials

Alternate text materials include electronic text (in MS Word, PDF, straight text, etc.), audio recordings, Braille, and tactile drawings. Students submit materials to be adapted at least six weeks prior to the date that they are needed. The DRC cannot purchase materials for the student.

Although six weeks may seem like a long time, the process of acquiring or producing alternate format is intensive due to copyright issues and the conversion processes involved. Many publishers' response time is 6 to 10 weeks. See the Student Guidebook for requesting alternate format of text.

Requests are processed in the order received. The DRC will make every reasonable effort to ensure that students receive alternate format of materials in a timely manner. If the course structure does not allow timely provision of adapted materials, the DRC staff, course instructor and the student will discuss alternative reasonable accommodations.

Students can use the assistive technology available in the NIU library to produce alternate format of materials independently. 

The student will be provided one copy of the alternate format for each material required for academic use. This electronic file is copyrighted and may not be reproduced or distributed. Any further reproduction or distribution is an infringement of the agreement with the publisher.

Some publishers require that students return any material received from the Center at the end of the semester. In most of these cases the Center will have an agreement from the publisher the student will sign. If a student does not return the materials, an encumbrance is placed on the student’s account which will suspend the release of grades, registration of classes, release of transcripts, or receipt of diploma upon graduation.