Priority Registration

Students who are eligible for services through DRC may receive priority registration.

Priority registration is a window of opportunity for students to follow the stated deadlines and register early. It is not a guarantee of class admission after the deadline has passed. Therefore, it is critical that all students eligible for priority registration follow the stated times to complete their registration.

Students who use sign language interpreters or CART must use priority registration to guarantee interpreters. Talk with the coordinator of deaf services before registering for classes each semester.

Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of priority registration so you can:

  • Get the most appropriate classes and class schedule for meeting your accommodation requests.
  • Contact instructors before classes start to discuss your accommodation needs and request a course syllabus so you can get a head start on readings, assignments, etc.
  • Order taped textbooks and other materials in adapted media in advance so you have all the necessary materials prior to the first day of classes.
  • Plan a schedule that allows you to arrange your classes to ensure appropriate travel times, particularly if you use extended test-taking time.