Special Parking Options

All students and employees who park on campus must purchase an NIU parking permit. Most student parking is located around the perimeter of campus, except for commuter parking located in the parking garage. Students with handicapped license plates/parking card are eligible to use the following parking options:

Reserved Space

A reserved space can be requested near a convenient building. This permit will provide you with a space reserved for your use near the most convenient building. The permit also allows you to park in blue faculty lots which are located around campus, as well as the handicapped parking spaces on campus.

To obtain a red-reserved permit you need to see the Director of Parking Services:

  • Bring proof of eligibility for state parking cards/plates.
  • Clarify your parking needs (eg. side access for wheelchair).
  • Choose a building/location that is most convenient for you.
  • Pay the parking permit fee (you will not be charged extra for a red-reserved space).

Handicapped Parking Spaces

There are a limited number of handicapped parking spaces located around campus and if you have handicapped license plates/parking card and an NIU parking permit, you are eligible to use these spaces. Please note: students and employees must have an NIU parking permit to use these spaces on a regular basis. Visitors with handicapped license plates/parking card may use these spaces without purchasing an NIU parking permit.

Temporary Parking Needs

For temporary special parking, get a "Blue" parking sticker to park in three of the blue faculty/staff lots. To obtain this sticker you need to:

  1. See a physician from the University Health Service to obtain verification of need.
  2. Take the verification to the Director of Parking Services.
  3. Choose three of the most conveniently located "blue" lots.
  4. Pay the parking permit fee.