Note Takers

Students who find taking notes difficult can use a note taker. This service is based on volunteers.

The student is encouraged to take responsibility for arranging for note takers. Note takers and students are encouraged to participate in the Note Taking Workshop at the DRC. If you have difficulty finding an adequate note taker, talk to your DRC coordinator as soon as possible.

Finding a Note Taker

Students should try to get a note taker on the first day of class. Some ways to find a note taker are:

  • Inform the instructor of your need for a note taker. The instructor may be able to recommend a good studento r make an announcement.
  • Request permission to make an announcement at the beginning of class.
  • Ask someone you know to take notes for you.
  • Contact a DRC coordinator for help.
  • If two or more students volunteer to be note takers, ask them for a copy of their notes for your review and the instructor's review. Have one volunteer be a "substitute" note taker in the event the primary note taker is not available. Give both volunteers a copy of the "Note Taker Guidelines" from the DRC office.

Exchange phone numbers with the note taker.

Getting Copies

Carbon paper is available in the DRC office. Supply the paper unless the note taker prefers to use his/her own, then volunteer to help pay for the paper. Give the note taker enough supplies for several class sessions. At the end of the class period, get the copies from your note taker.

If more than one student in the class needs copies of the notes, bring the notes to the DRC to make copies. Fill out a  "Request for Copies" and leave the notes. Copied notes will be left in the students' files.

Students with severe visual impairments may choose to have photocopies made instead of using carbon paper. Bring the notes to the DRC office for copying. This can be done on a weekly basis if preferred by you or the note taker.

Class Absences

A note taker is not a substitute for class attendance. A note taker is not obligated to give you notes from classes you miss. If you must miss a class, call your note takers and ask if they would please take notes for you that day. If you are absent from class and do not have notes for that day, like any other student, you may ask to copy another student's notes or photocopy them at your own expense.

Other Suggestions

Have the instructor review the notes for accuracy and consistency early in the semester to assure that the notes are sufficient. You may also want to ask the instructor to review them periodically during the semester.

Note: The DRC provides a copy service for classroom notes ONLY. Any copying for personal and/or study needs is the student's responsibility.