How To Initiate DRC Services

How To Initiate DRC Services

Students with disabilities should contact the Center to set up an initial conversation. Initial conversations are scheduled with the first available DRC Coordinator. The student and the DRC Coordinator will discuss barriers impacting the student’s educational experience at NIU and possible solutions. One solution may be academic accommodations.

Definition of disability

The DRC uses the definition of disability as stated in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the ADA of 1990, and the ADAAA of 2008. Students should come prepared to discuss how the disability limits one or more activities of daily living and how this impact has been historically addressed. If the student has recently acquired a disability and has not had disability-related educational services in the past, the student and the DRC Coordinator will review areas of concern and identify potential resources.


Documentation varies depending on the nature of the disability, but usually includes information about what the disability is, how it was diagnosed, who made the diagnosis and when, and the history of how the disability has impacted the student’s educational experience. Guidelines for documentation

Students without documentation are welcome to schedule an initial conversation. The DRC Coordinator will discuss what kind of documentation is necessary and how to get it.

Initial conversation

Students are welcome to invite family members, significant others, or legal guardians to participate in the initial conversation. It is usually scheduled for 60 minutes. Students will receive the DRC Student Handbook during the initial conversation. 

After the Initial Conversation

If academic accommodations are identified, a notification letter will be drafted to share with faculty.