Guidelines for Documentation

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Documentation

Documentation must include a diagnosis of ADHD made by a licensed/certified professional qualified to make such a diagnosis (e.g. mental health professional, medical practitioner). A school plan such as an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or a 504 Plan alone is typically insufficient but can be included.

Diagnostic Report Guidelines

  • Evaluator: Name, title, contact information, and signature.
  • Evaluation Date/s: Dates of testing completed within the previous three years; tests results older than three years old will be reviewed by the Coordinator with the student to determine if additional information is necessary.
  • Evaluation Instruments: The names and resulting scores of the instruments used in making the diagnosis, including the use of DSM-IV-TR criteria, along with "The Copeland Symptom Checklist for Adult Attention Deficit Disorders," the "Wender Utah Rating Scale," the "Barkley Semistructured Interview for Adult ADHD," and/or the "Test of Variable Attention."
  • Descriptive Written Report: Identify how the ADHD impacts academic performance. A brief note from a medical practitioner or statement/record of "other health impaired" is not sufficient by itself. 
  • Recommendations: Specific academic accommodations or support services 
  • Prescriptive Treatments and Medications: Any current or suggested treatment plans or prescribed medications and potential side effects or responses.