Exam Accommodation Procedures

Student Exam Procedures

Exam accommodations for students with disabilities minimize the impact of the disability by affording students an equal opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and ability.


Eligibility for exam accommodations is determined by DRC staff based on multiple factors, though most significant is the impact of the student's disability.

Types of accommodation

Some typical accommodations include alternate formats such as an audiotape, large print, or braille version of the exam; a low distraction room; extended time; and use of a computer.

Inform your instructor

It is the student's responsibility to inform instructors of their exam accommodation requests. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss their exam accommodation requests with faculty at the beginning of each semester.

Exam Accommodation form

Have the faculty member complete and sign the Exam Accommodation Form, which specifies details regarding the accommodations and administration of the exam, well in advance of each exam. A separate form must be completed for each exam administered by the DRC.

Scheduling Exams

As soon as you know your exam date and time, start completing the exam accommodation form. Due to high volume of exams and limited space in the DRC area, students are strongly encouraged to schedule as early as possible, especially for midterm and final exams.

All exams are scheduled at the same time as your regular class is scheduled to take the exam. Exceptions will be made only with instructor approval. If the class schedule will not allow exams to be taken at the same time as the class is scheduled to take the exam (e.g. back-to-back classes do not allow for extended time), the student should speak with the instructor. The instructor should indicate the agreed-upon alternative on the exam accommodation form.

Exams are scheduled between 8am and 4:30pm (fall and spring) and 8am and 5:30 p.m. (summer). With sufficient notice, exams can be scheduled up until 7:00 p.m. Requests for exams after 4:30 p.m. must be made at least two working days in advance. Completed forms for mid-terms and finals must be submitted one week prior to the scheduled date of the exam.

If you have any questions or concerns while at DRC during an exam, we will make every effort to contact your instructor. Since instructors are not always be readily available, you may request that your instructor contact the DRC office at some time DURING administration of your exam to see if you have any questions or problems.

Equipment Needs

When scheduling and/or turning in each exam accommodation form, please make both written and verbal requests for any equipment needs (e.g. tape recorders, computers, CCTVs, VCRs). Students using DRC equipment (e.g. word processors, Franklin Speller, screen readers, etc.) MUST know how to use the equipment or software BEFORE taking exams. No instructional assistance will be provided during the exam.

Tardiness, Changes, Cancellations

Be on time! If a student arrives more than 15 minutes late from the scheduled start time with DRC, he or she will not be allowed to take the exam with the DRC. If a change in exam arrangements is necessary, notify the DRC reception desk as soon as possible. If you cancel an exam and/or need to reschedule, the DRC office MUST have written or verbal approval from the instructor.