Exam Accommodation Procedures

Exam Accommodation Procedures

Federal law (Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973) mandates that both the university and individual faculty members must provide appropriate exam accommodations to students with disabilities.

Exam accommodations for students with disabilities minimize the impact of the disability. Eligibility for exam accommodations is determined by DRC staff on the basis of the student's disability documentation. Both the DRC and faculty jointly provide the accommodations.

Faculty can verify student requests through the DRC. Faculty must comply with the law by either using the DRC Exam Service or by providing the appropriate accommodations themselves.

Types of Accommodation

The accommodations should not compromise the essential elements of your exam and/or course objectives. Faculty should express any concerns to the student's DRC coordinator.

Some of the most typical accommodations include an alternate format such as an audiotape, large print, or braille version of the exam; a low distraction room; extended time; and scribe assistance.