Exam Accommodation Procedures

Final Exams

The large number of finals during Final Exam week necessitates a few changes to the exam process.

Schedule final exams early

Schedule your exams with the DRC when you know the dates and times of your exams. Complete and return yellow exam forms as soon as possible! Exam Accommodation Forms for final exams must be received by the DRC one week in advance of the final exam date.

Be sure to identify, verbally and on the exam sheet, special equipment or computers you need for each exam.

Your exam time needs to overlap the time the class takes it. You will not be allowed to leave the testing area until after the class begins the exam (unless teachers give written permission).

Be on time for your final exam

If you are late, you will lose that amount of time. If you arrive after the time the class begins the exam, the teacher will be notified.