Fee Schedule

Effective February 22, 2017

Account Fees

Auto Overdraft Transfer $5.00
Closing a Share Savings (Within 180 Days of opening) $10.00
Daily Overdrawn Fees $5.00  
Dormant Fee (Quarterly, waived if $1,500.00 is maintained /activity within membership) $10.00
NSF Fee (per each item: ACH, ATM/Debit /Share Drafts) $40.00
Paper Statements $3.00
Research Fee (Per hour -1 hour minimum) $30.00
Shares Under Minimum Balance (Per month) $7.50
Stop Payment on Check(s) (Per item /continuous series) $30.00

Card Fees

ATM/Debit Card Replacement $10.00
ATM Balance Inquiry (4 free per month) $1.00
ATM/Debit Card PIN Based Purchase  
With E-Statements Free
With paper statements $ 1.50
ATM Foreign Withdraw (per withdraw)  
With E-Statements $1.00
With paper statements $1.50
CU Money Everyday Spend Card(s) $6.00
CU Money Reloads ($10 to $5,000) $3.00
Gift Cards ($10 to $1,000) $4.00

Loan Fees

Defer-A-Payment Fee $25.00
HELOC Annual Fee (Loans issued prior to 2011: annual fee of $20.00 applies) $25.00
Home Equity Subordination $100.00
Loan Payment Late Fee (9 days grace) (Loans issued prior to 2/1/15: late fee of $10.00 applies) $25.00
Signature LOC Annual Fee $25.00
OD Protection LOC Annual Fee $25.00
Mini-Loan App Fee $20.00
Returned Loan Payment $35.00
Annual Fees charged February 1st of each year  

Miscellaneous Fees

Garnishment/Levy $35.00
GAP $199.00
Returned Deposit Items  
• Third party check $5.00
• Self $35.00
Returned Mail (Per item: first item returned fee waived) $10.00


Account Verification Fee $10.00
Check Cashing (Waived if combined share/loan balances exceed amount of check) $5.00
Duplicate Statements $7.00
Domestic Wire Fee $25.00
International Wire Fee $40.00
Money Orders (Max of $1,000 per Money Order) $2.00
Non-Member Check Cashing $10.00
Stamps (per book /each) $9.80/.49
Teller Check Fee (3 free per month) $3.00
Copy of Cleared Teller Check $5.00
Stop payment on a Teller Check $30.00
Temp Checks (each) $0.50
Typed Information Letter $10.00
Western Union Transfer $25.00
*Fees subject to be passed through onto our members
include but not limited to: ATM/Debit; Card expedite, Card recovery, International transaction and Surcharge fees.
Certified/Express/Overnight Mail, Check Ordering, Foreign Check Deposits, Incorrect Social Security Number, Secretary of State Correction/Title Registration fees.