SWAN (Students Who Are Non-Traditional)

New SWAN Exec Board

S.W.A.N. (Students Who Are Non-Traditional)

S.W.A.N. is the Student Association recognized organization created and run by non-traditional NIU Students. This academic year the exec board is made up of Krystal Do (President), Stephen Douglin (President Emeritus) and Roy Rosales (Treasurer). They are busy planning the  year's events and activities. Please e-mail them at SWANOCNTSSNIU@gmail.com throughout the fall and spring semesters and let them know your ideas. This inclusive group is looking to bring non-trads together to engage in the university experience. If you are interested in more information regarding joining S.W.A.N. or the group's activities, please e-mail S.W.A.N. or contact Jeffrey Salmon - the staff advisor - at jsalmon1@niu.edu


S.W.A.N. Bake Sale

Date: Thursday, October 9

Time: TBA

Location: Holmes Student Center

S.W.A.N. will be having a bake sale at the Holmes Student Center near the entrance of the Blackhawk Cafe. This event is a great way to raise money for future group activities.

S.W.A.N. & Gamma Phi Omega International Pot Luck

Date: Tuesday, October 21

Time: TBA

Location: TBA

S.W.A.N. is teaming up with the ladies of Gamma Phi Omega for an International Pot  Luck!