SWAN (Students Who Are Non-Traditional)

New SWAN Exec Board

SWAN (Student Who Are Non-Traditional)

SWAN is the Student Association recognized organization created and run by non-traditional NIU Students. Recently a new executive board was named for the 2014-15 academic year. Stephen Douglin (President), Krystal Do (Vice President), and Roy Rosales (Treasurer), are busy planning next year's events and activities. Please e-mail them at SWANOCNTSSNIU@gmail.com throughout the summer and let them know your ideas. This inclusive group is looking to bring non-trads together to engage in the university experience. If anyone is interested, the position of secretary is open for the upcoming year. Please e-mail SWAN if you have an interest in joining the E-Board or contact Jeffrey Salmon - the staff advisor - at jsalmon1@niu.edu