Statistics for the NIU Student Conduct System

(Students and Recognized Student Organizations Only)

2013-2014 Academic Year Statistics


AS OF APRIL 8, 2014

Hearing Type

Administrative Hearing Officer 179
Informal Administrative Hearing (Preliminary Conference) 989
Student Conduct Board 33
Residence Hall Conduct Board 95
Organizational Conduct Board 4
Academic Misconduct Board 1
Appellate Board 15
Total 1316
The table for Hearing Type shows the number of different hearings held during the academic year. This is for students and Recognized Student Organizations only.


Outcomes of Student Conduct Incidents

Responsible 1025
Not-Responsible 261
No Contest 46
Dismissed 646
Unfounded 21
Total 1999

Sanction Issued

Anger Intervention 15
BASICS Referral 209
Expulsion 8
Loss of Privileges 8
Loss of Recognized Student Organization Status 1
No Contact 23
Parental Notification 165
Residence Hall System Expulsion 1
Residence Hall System Suspension 2
Student Conduct Fine 454
Substance Use Assessment 183
Suspension 54
University Disciplinary Probation 256