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Community Standards & Student Conduct Mission

 The Office of Community Standards & Student Conduct assists students, staff, and faculty to maintain an environment conducive to learning by promoting student engagement through learning, responsible behavior, healthy, critical decision making, and upholding our community standards.


Student Conduct System Advisor Application

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Please list your current extracurricular activities (including any jobs) and the approximate time                                                                      commitment for each (hours/week)
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Please describe (briefly) a situation in which you faced an ethical or moral dilema. Describe the                                                                               issue(s) with which you struggled and how you resolved the situation.
What strengths do you believe you would bring to the position of Student Conduct System Advisor?
What would you like to gain if chosen to become a Student Conduct System Advisor?
Please explain what it means to you to be a Northern Illinois University student
I understand the Office of Community Standards & Student Conduct will verify the GPA I listed above                                                                        and, will also verify that I have no student conduct history in which I was found “responsible” for violating                                                                   the NIU Student Code of Conduct. By clicking the “Submit this Application” button, I grant consent for the                                                                Office of Community Standards & Student Conduct to conduct this check.
Do you have any experience with a student conduct system?