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External Programming

CLASEP Newsletter

Fall 2016

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences External Programming (CLASEP) provides expert programming that connects learners of all backgrounds to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) non-credit and off-campus credit opportunities. We develop educational programming to engage diverse audiences such as pre-collegiate, collegiate, regional educators, professionals, and lifelong learners, whether they are seeking formal education, continuing education, or career advancement.

CLASEP aligns with the university's mission by:

  • Encouraging pre-collegiate students to display creativity and artistry through summer academic camps;
  • Engaging pre-collegiate students in research and scholarship via History Fair and Science Fair;
  • Providing teaching and learning via our test preparation courses for pre-collegiate and collegiate students;
  • Connecting CLAS faculty and regional educators in teaching and learning through our New Ideas series;
  • Advancing the exchange of knowledge through conferences for graduate students and professionals;
  • Reaching out to those seeking continuing education through programs such as our Travel with a Professor series and Lifelong Learning Institute; and
  • Engaging CLAS faculty and students in research and scholarship via off-campus and online credit courses.

CLASEP functions as a service to the university, community, region, state, and the world. Our non-credit programming serves a diverse audience ranging from students in grade five through senior citizens. Our program participants come from DeKalb to states across the U.S. to cities around the world for our conferences. Our credit function serves to meet the demands of off-campus and online students seeking CLAS credit hours as well as districts seeking contract courses/programs.

Upcoming Programs

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Creative Writing Camp
June 18-23, 2017

Speech Camp
June 25-30, 2017

Film Camp - FULL
June 25-30, 2017



Lifelong Learning Institute
Summer Session
July 11-August 3

Travel with the Professor:  Something Rotten
July 22, 2017

Creative Writing Day Camp
July 24-28, 2017



Wrigley Field Tour
August 21, 2017

Beginning Burmese
August 31-November 2, 2017



Travel with the Professor:
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
(Sold Out)
September 11, 2017