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Paula McDowell, B.G.S. '99

I started working at NIU in 1985 in the College of L.A.S. working with Dean Sue Doederlein, Joye Nelson, Norm Engstrom and Judy Santacaterina - those were the days. Enriching, laughter, uplifting, helping students, re-categorizing the filing system (never again), intertwining with the Fantastic GA's. Together like a family, through happy days, sad days, birthdays, engagements or just because TGIF--memories! The friends I met in this office, will remain forever in my heart. A special thank you to Sue and Judy for helping me through tough times and continuing to broaden my horizon. I'm so happy to have received my BGS degree-success is only a step onto the path of discovery. AND I MADE IT. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You gave me hope, recognition, support, and helped make my dreams come true. I will never forget working and growing in LAS. You were and still are part of my family. Let the party begin and LAS Congratulations - 50 Years - continue helping those who want to strive for success.

Stanley G. Hallaron, B.A., English, '61; M.A., Speech, '73

When I was an undergraduate, three English professors--William Seat, Warren Ober,and Paul Burtness--edited a freshman English text and it was adopted as required text for English 103 so all NIU freshman had to purchase it.  It became known in the department as the SOB text! 

Virginia McCoy, B.A., Communication Studies, '09

I will always remember the nights when my Grant A floormates and I would stay up chatting until dawn. We started out talking about our hometowns, but as the year went by, we talked about our ideals and feelings. It was only in 2005, but it seems like ages ago.

Carri Wostratzky, B.A., Communication Studies & Journalism, '09

My fondest memories of NIU are living on Grant A 4th floor my freshman year (2005) and how we all had our doors open and were really social. We were way cooler than the other floors :) That's where I met my best friend! In class, my favorite had to be Media Writing with Matt Swan because he made every day so much fun, and I loved writing all the scripts and stories. And OF COURSE I loved every minute of being an Alpha Delta Pi!

Peggy Boytor, B.A., Communication Studies, '78


Cathy Hollingsworth, Peggy (Merilos) Boytor, and Judy Santacaterina

Graduation Day 1978
Cathy Hollingsworth, Peggy (Merilos) Boytor, and Judy Santacaterina.

Chuck Merydith, B.S., Journalism, '75

The outdoor concerts at The Lagoon and Peace Park, and the incredible J-faculty, including the wonders of the twin-reflex box camera in Hallie's PhotoJ, Dr. Walker's dedication to teaching PR, Joe Marsh's Souther-style instruction, Dr. Bass' world views, Dr. Brod, and more.

William Speer, B.S., Mathematics, '69, M.S., Mathematics, '71

I can't possibly convey my surprise, gratitude, and shear delight at reading of my selection as one of the recipients of the College Golden Anniversary Award. I sincerely appreciate the honor - for a host of reasons, not the least of which is embedded in the nominating statement about my closeness to NIU. It was an extended "childhood playground" long before it became a place of personal and professional growth. As a child, I collected HUGE donations from the residents of Gilbert Hall for UNICEF. I attended football games where the Music Building now stands, I saw the Harlem Globetrotters in Still Gym and heard Henry Mancini at the Union Ballroom. I gathered leftover 2x4s and crepe paper from numerous May Fetes on the island at the lagoon. I had more cherry cokes than can be counted in the Tea Room on the way home from McMurry Elementary and, in fifth grade, helped move McMurry to the new lab school (now  Gabel Hall). I went to high school holiday tournaments in the Field House and delivered Chicago Tribune newspapers along the east and south borders of campus all the way down Lincoln Highway from Turks Grocery to Third Street. Better stop (listing, but never stop remembering).

The above doesn't take into account the "best of times" as I struggled to be a student of mathematics. It didn't always work the way I wanted it to - perhaps I was too naive to see it. But Northern DID provide a very solid foundation in mathematics for me which helped me develop the desire to explore it further (and, perhaps, with greater degree of dedication). I sincerely do attribute the fine education (and the outstanding patience and personal concern) I received from the mathematics faculty there - too challenging to name names, but a few come immediately to mind - Dr. Beech, Dr. Hardgrove, Dr. Helmich, Dr. Behr, Dr. Jungst, Dr. Musser, Dr. Sowder, ... many more deserving of plaudits but my memory fails me.

NIU played a very important part of shaping years 5-25 of my life and has continued to do so for years 26-??

Bob Kornecki, B.S., Journalism, '72

Selling pumpkins on the steps of the Holmes Student Center with my fraternity brothers before Halloween in 1969-1971. Watching basketball forward Jerry Zielinksi pour in long-range jumpers from the corner at the Chick Evans Field House during winning seasons on the hardcourt. And learning about the wonderful world of journalism and public relations from a world-class faculty, with special thanks to Dr. Albert Walker for caring so deeply about the professional advancement of his students.