Distinguished CLAS Faculty & Staff

Operating Staff Awarded Excellence in Service Award

The Outstanding Service Award is presented each year to up to four NIU Civil Service employees.  The objective of this award program is to recognize individual Civil Service employees who have demonstrated outstanding service and have made significant contributions to the university community.  The first awards were given in 1984.

  • Bonnie Anderson, Department of English
  • Margie Foshe, Office of the Provost (formerly College of LA&S)
  • Amy Polzin, Department of Geology & Environmental Geosciences
  • Jan Vander Meer, Department of English
  • Nancy Schuneman, Center for Southeast Asian Studies
  • Elizabeth Buck, Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Connie Rumer, Department of Economics
  • Andy Small, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Rich Vaupel, Department of Geography
  • Juanita Challgren, Department of English
  • Cheryl Ross, Department of Psychology
  • June Kubasiak, Public Administration / Department of Political Science
  • Robert Bailey, Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences
  • Edwin Hyland, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Roger Lemke, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Patricia Francis, Department of English 

Others awardees from previous years listed on the Operating Staff Council website