Golden Anniversary Faculty/Staff Awards

Jim BanovetzJames Banovetz 

Professor Emeritus Jim Banovetz served Northern Illinois University as Director of the Division of Public Administration and as Senior Research Scholar in the Center for Governmental Studies. And his many contributions to the advancement of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences have been based upon his commitment to excellence, opportunity, public service, and national impact.

Excellence: U.S. News & World Report currently ranks Northern Illinois University’s M.P.A. program third nationally in the specialty field of city management and urban policy, placing NIU well ahead of many other leading universities. This distinction as one of the nation’s top-ranked public administration programs would not have been possible without the extraordinary effort, leadership, and commitment of Professor Banovetz, who first joined the faculty in 1963.

Opportunity: The M.P.A. program provides an excellent education, a nationally recognized degree, and access to a massive professional network – a world of opportunity for students with commitment, talent, and dreams. The program has produced about one-third of all city managers in Illinois.

Public Service: The M.P.A. program has drawn hundreds of students to public service, and this continues today. This is both a wonderful legacy from the first 50 years of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and a steadfast commitment to the future as long guided by Jim Banovetz.

National Impact: What says more about nearly 50 years of development than national recognition for excellence, opportunities for students and alumni, and public service?

By committing to quality, Jim helped to develop a premier academic program that has changed lives, improved communities, and brought widespread national acclaim and international recognition to the College and to the University.

In addition to his academic appointments, including Chair of the Department of Political Science in the 70s, Jim served on innumerable administrative committees within the College and the University. When the Northern Illinois University Foundation celebrated its 75th anniversary, it recognized him for “Outstanding Service to Higher Education,” the only person so honored.