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Engaged Learning

students and faculty meeting in a reception hall

Service Learning

Service learning programs integrate civic engagement, leadership, and community outreach to allow students to get involved in their communities. Furthermore, these programs bridge the gap between NIU and the surrounding community, allow students to serve as an ambassador of NIU, and provide students with invaluable experience in civic engagement. Some service learning programs even offer tuition reimbursement! Service learning programs are geared towards students who display an interest in:

  • Community organizing
  • Civic engagement
  • Building leadership skills
  • Networking with the community and the university
  • Providing the community with valuable services
  • Bringing together faculty, staff and students to discuss civic engagement
  • Working for the non-profit or government sector 
  • Making meaningful connections between course material and community development

NIU is paritcular proud of its Northern Lights Ambassadors, a group of exceptional students who serve as ambassadors of NIU.