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Distinguished Staff

June Kubasiak

Staff Secretary/Office Manager, Public Administration

June Kubasiak

In more than 33 years of service to NIU, Ms. June Kubasiak has earned praise from faculty, staff, students, and alumni. According to Professor and Director of the Division of Public Administration, Kurt Thurmaier, “Her positive attitude and willingness to adapt to the changing mission and organizational structure of the program are vital to helping me, the staff, and the faculty succeed in our efforts.” Alumni Valerie Salmons and Paula Schumacher say she is “the bearing wall for everyone in the division,” and alumnus Patrick Higgins calls her “a master of detail and historical nuance.”  

Providing administrative support for the division director and for the assistant to the chair, Ms. Kubasiak maintains office files and is responsible for all financial records relating to the division’s budget and program funds, grant and research contract funds, and charitable contributions. She keeps up with all administrative responsibilities of the office to ensure activity deadlines are met and to facilitate continuity in operations when personnel changes or temporary absences occur. Recognizing the importance of cross-training, Ms. Kubasiak has learned all of the jobs in the division office and is able to perform all functions of non-faculty staff. In addition, she trains and supervises student workers and lab attendants and manages the visits of accreditation teams. 

Ms. Kubasiak often takes on extra responsibilities to benefit the division, such as working with university facilities and grounds staff to convert residences into offices and a computer laboratory. She has managed the physical relocation of the division several times. 

But Ms. Kubasiak’s greatest value to the division and to the college extends well beyond her mastery of administrative duties. Her natural ability to nurture relationships makes her especially well-suited for her role as the division’s alumni coordinator. Professor Gerald Gabris says, “Her skill in human relations has built…one of the most solid, dedicated, and generous alumni groups that an academic unit can wish for.” She plans and organizes alumni gatherings, including the division’s annual reception for new alumni and their families at commencement each May and the division’s annual fundraising activity (currently a golf outing). Professor and Director Emeritus James Banovetz identifies her as “the central coordinator/leader of the campaign that raised over $100,000 for the MPA fellowship program.” 

In 1990, Ms. Kubasiak received NIU’s Outstanding Service Award in recognition of her exceptional service and contributions to the university. Ms. Kubasiak was a member of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ Strategic Planning Committee, where she helped develop priorities and recommendations, and she was also a member of the steering committee that planned the college’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2009.  She is a lifetime member of the Girl Scouts of America and a past board member for the Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois. In always putting the needs of students, alumni, faculty and the department first, Ms. June Kubasiak serves as an exceptional role model for colleagues throughout the university.



by Shelley Korth