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Anthropologists are adventurers. We trek around the world through time and space to understand who we are as humans. More>

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Biological Sciences

Biology is a diverse and rapidly expanding field of study that addresses issues relevant to health, agriculture, industry, and the environment.

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Virtually everything we do involves chemistry in some way or another.  From the clothes we wear to the detergent we wash them in, chemistry has improved our health, our lives and even our environment. More>

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In many professions, the need for communication skills has never been more critical. Employers consistently cite communication skills as the major requirement for success in professional careers. 

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Computer Science

NIU’s Department of Computer Science has provided students access to the breadth and depth of computer science for over thirty years.

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Economics is an interesting and rewarding field of study of how individuals, businesses and governments allocate scarce resources.

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With an emphasis on communication and the written word, English majors learn to research, analyze and interpret information.

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Environmental Studies

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Foreign Languages and Literatures

Learning a foreign language opens worlds that are closed to most people. Being able to converse, write, or read in a foreign language makes you more marketable in this global economy.

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Geography is the study of place and location, why things are where they are, and how a location’s characteristics affect natural processes, the environment, and human activities. More>

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Geology and Environmental Geosciences

Geology is the study of the Earth, the materials of which it is made, the structure of those materials, and the processes acting upon them. 

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For students interested in a strong liberal arts education, history represents a fascinating, flexible major that permits study of the broadest possible range of human experience.

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Mathematical Sciences

One of the oldest and most fundamental sciences known to humankind is still a basic tool for understanding the world and solving the planet’s economic, scientific, engineering, physics and business problems.

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NGO Leadership and Development (NGOLD)

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A degree in philosophy provides excellent preparation for graduate study in law, medicine, or business, and for a wide variety of careers in education, business, government, industry, information technology, non-profit organizations, and social service.

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Physics research has fundamentally changed our world. Advances in technology, such as transistors, lasers and microwaves, all resulted from physics research. More>

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Political Science

Political science is the systematic study of politics and its connection to human life as a whole. Students who elect this major examine, among other things, the relationships between law and political institutions, economic and political power, and culture and political identity.

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The science of psychology is a rapidly evolving field that influences all aspects of society. More>

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Sociology is a fascinating and diverse field of study, examining the dynamics of social life, social change, and the underlying factors that drive and shape human behavior.

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