NIU Engineering @ RVC for Current RVC Students

Program Benefits:

  • Save money by spending your first two years at RVC
  • Save money by taking NIU classes from NIU professors without having to leave Rockford
  • Work closely with advisors at RVC and NIU who will guide you through the entire process and develop and individualized advising plan
  • Earn your accredited Bachelor of Science in Engineering or Technology from Northern Illinois University's College of Engineering and Engineering Technology from NIU faculty
  • Work in new state-of-the art laboratories on the RVC campus

How it Works:

At RVC you will work to earn your Associates of Science or Engineering Science degree at Rock Valley (if getting an engineering degree) or an Associate of Applied Science in a technology program (for Applied Manufacturing Technology). You will work closely with an RVC advisor who will help you with your schedule, making sure you are taking all the pre-requisite courses needed for your bachelors degree from NIU.  While taking RVC courses, you will pay RVC tuition rates.

During your final year at RVC you will apply to NIU.  Once you are accepted and your official transcripts are in, your transferable credits will transfer in to NIU.  You will then work with NIU College of Engineering and Engineering Technology advisors to determine your class schedule and your coursework for the last two years of the program. While all classes and labs are held at RVC, you will be an NIU student, taking NIU classes, from NIU professors, and paying NIU tuition.  Your degree will be from Northern Illinois University.  

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2 + 2 Articulations for RVC students

NIU Bachelors Degree Programs in Engineering and Technology at RVC

Bachelor of Science in ELectrical Engineering 

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Applied Manufacturing Technology